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My Bio

When I was young I could not even speak to a woman. In high school there were times I literally could not open my mouth and say a single word to an attractive woman.  This led to some very painful and traumatizing experiences if the women merely asking me a simple question.  The fact that I could not speak generally made women angry because they thought I was refusing to speak to them. 

When I was an adult things got gradually better but I certainly had no game at all.  I was the quintessential nice guy trying to please women and make them happy so they would be nice to me.  Eventually I decided I could not take any more of this and started to read books and watch Youtube videos. Eventually I found a coach and another coach and they taught me how to attract the women I wanted.  Soon I did not have enough time to date all the women I could if I wanted to. 

Now I help men attract the quality women they desire without lines, routines and dating apps. I guide men to connect with their true selves so they can become successful in dating and relationships and all other aspects of their lives. He teaches clients practical techniques to learn to uncover and begin to feel their emotions that are buried beneath the surface so they can engage authentically with themselves and others. I also earned a Masters degree in Intuition Medicine (my third MA), as well as, have extensive training in sexuality, and relationship skills including, Kinesthetic, Tantric, Kink, STI, holding space, energetic connection, emotional release, NLP, HAI Level 9 and active listening.

--James Ferrigno


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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