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Attract the Women You Really Want!

Get your custom energetic attraction training plan PLUS accountability and coaching. Finally be with the women of your dreams.

Your Free Exploratory Coaching Session

What is it like to work with us? 


Dave Suich, TX

"I’ve had problems with women my whole life—nervousness when meeting someone new, getting stuck in the friend zone, etc. I’m shocked at how well the methods James has taught me work with the women I meet now. It’s almost like I live in a completely different world. I am not exaggerating. I have been using the simple tools and they work great!"

Geg Sutera, Santa Clara CA

"James is a brilliant Coach with a unique ability to fuse together traditional and cutting edge approaches. Through our sessions, I have learned how to self heal which has led me to the realization of my potential. This is some gangsta’ level s**t and if you are looking for a knowledgeable, kind and compassionate man to work with, I would invite you to consider James."

How to start dating the women you want in 90 days (without endless hours on dating apps).

Have you completely given up at ever getting the women you are really attracted to?


That's why I started with a dating coach! 


I hated watching other men get all the women that I wanted. 


In desperation, I Googled "how to attract women", what I found was a lot of quick-fix promises and a surprising amount of conflicting advice. I was more confused than ever.


Should I try to act confident? 

Should I be nagging? 

Do I need to memorize the perfect opening line?


None of these tactics worked at all.  So, I decided to try EVERYTHING! 

1. Being financially successful

2. Going out to clubs

3. Working out

4. Learning pick up tricks

5. Finding the perfect line

6. Mastering dating apps


That's when I had a breakthrough. I hired a dating coach online. This guy seemed different.  He really understood this stuff at a very deep level.  He sat down with me, mapped out a custom plan and worked with me to adjust and stay focused.


Within 90 days I was on my first date with a woman I was really attracted to and many others soon followed.  I had more confidence and game than I had ever had. It was a whole new life. I had suddenly become magic.


I then set out learning everything I could about dating and sexuality. In this  period I earned a Masters degree in Intuition Medicine (my third MA), as well as, had extensive training in sexuality, and relationship skills including, Kinesthetic, Tantric, Kink, STI, holding space, energetic connection, emotional release, HAI Level 9 and active listening trainings).


That's why I started The Authentic Life


We create custom dating plans for our clients so they can attract the women they desire, become more confident and finally get the women they have dreamed of all their lives. Our method includes skill training in emotional awareness, energetic connection, communication training, and other dating and relationship skills.


Click the button below for a free session...

-- James Ferrigno

Try Your Free Exploratory Coaching Session.

Get your custom energetic attraction training plan PLUS accountability and coaching. Finally be with the women of your dreams. 

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